Application Modernization

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Value to Optimize and Modernize


Continuous delivery​, containers and continuous integration​​ to move easily

Time to market​​

Scalability, high availability​, insights and analytics for operational process​

Cost ​of ownership​​

Infrastructure cost ​and ongoing maintenance for total cost of ownership​​​

IT simplification​

Standardization​ and simplification processes for the business activity ​

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I don’t have the luxury of creating a new app from scratch. What can I do ?​

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Can I reuse my existing codebase ? I would love to build from there.​

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Do I really need to learn new languages and new tooling to use the cloud ?​

Cloud Maturity Model​​

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Lift and Shift

Migrate your on-premise application to IaaS on Azure​

Cloud Optimized

Get more Cloud benefit by Containerizing your app​​

Virtual Machines and Docker Containers​​​