Test Automation

iCuboid offers Automation testing services towards the end of the develpoment process to ensure smooth operations !

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Web Testing Automation

In the age of the Internet, Web applications are your primary interface to harness customer attention. You need to ensure the speed, user-experience quality and performance of your web applications to retain engagement levels of your target customer and maintain healthy business growth. We also provide Functionl, Integration testing.​

Mobile Testing Automation​

The complex and expanding mobile landscape presents serious cost implications in maintaining testing practices for your mobile apps. Parallel testing to increase speed Appium open source test tool for both iOS and Android apps. Robotium Open source test tool for Android apps. Availability of real-devices, emulators and cloud services to facilitate testing.

​​API Testing Automation

Software APIs provide the highest risks and need to be thoroughly tested to endow your software with the desired robustness. Our QA Automation Services help you expedite all the tedious API testing process and ensure you are free from embarrassing user experiences hampering your software's reputation. A customized HTTPS client for optimum results. Complete support for data serialization formats like JSON, XML, plain text.

Automation POC & Pilot

iCuboid, a provider of Test Automation Services, understands the need for you to experience a difference in your development process and define the goals, tools, environments, and scope of the pilot project,We define the test scenarios and define scripts for those specific environments and generate results and evaluate the outputs with you.

iCuboid Test Automation Approach

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Getting the best QA testing services is critical for every growing business. A structured approach always ensures enhanced service levels.
Our QA Automation Testing Services provides the right balance of stringency and transparency. As an Automated Testing Company, we provide you with the key ingredients for successful QA testing services in terms of a robust framework, updated and relevant tools, a defined roadmap and an understanding of the financial impact of QA approach on your software delivery lifecycle.
Let our Automated Testing Services help you for the best practices of QA automation and increase the effectiveness of your software testing process.

Test Automation for your business

Product defects keep recurring despite your best efforts to eliminate them through manual testing efforts. You need to define tests that can be repeated at regular frequencies and extended to include actions that cannot be performed through manual testing. Automated Software Testing Services is your best option to increase maximum coverage of software testing and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your product.

At iCuboid, our QA Automation Testing Services helps to ensure this repeatability and scalability to accommodate tasks, identify recurring defects and improve the overall software quality.

Quality Assurance

Evolving technology is leading you to raise the sophistication levels of your software. There is also a perceived increase in the appetite of your customers to consume this technology-driven software. Though an exciting chapter for your business, you are now faced with a new responsibility to churn out better quality products in a shorter timeframe. With iCuboid's proven QA testing services and world class best practices, deliver robust, user-friendly applications.

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We optimize the approach to the automated software testing services and devise the design based on your end users to minimize the testing procedures and testing time.


The Test Automation Services team at iCuboid employs automation techniques that help to minimize defects and expedite the time-to-market.


Our Automated Testing Services conducts detailed analysis using Al insights to help in identifying defect patterns and preventing their recurrence.